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As a log yard:

In 2012 Arrow Forest, LLC was incorporated in Beaverton, Oregon and started a new log yard in Lima, Ohio and in Wallaceton, Pennsylvania. They are located in the heart of Walnut, White Oak and Black Cherry country and thus is the premier source for American Hardwood Veneer Logs. With our wide grading standard and large supply, we are able to provide the quality and price customers need. Our staff has more than 40 years of experience in the American Hardwood Log industry. We specialize in sourcing the species and quality for our customers’ unique milling applications. Some of our specialties include very large diameter Walnut and White Oak Veneer Logs for specialty veneer projects and tabletop applications. Additionally, our strong sourcing ability allow us the opportunity to serve many types of customers in the wood industry, from face veneer for plywood to solid hardwood flooring.

As a plywood importer:

In 2014 Arrow Forest, LLC started hardwood plywood importation and distribution business taking advantage of hardwood knowledge entailed from our log business. We believe our customer's satisfaction comes first. We carry the most wide range of plywood and panel products from around the world and offer just in time delivery from our strategically located warehouses across the USA.

We uniquely operate all of our plywood purchasing from our headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. We gather all of our necessary information in real time from our strategically located satellite offices overseas. All our overseas office staff are highly knowledgeable and well trained for sourcing and inspecting our high quality plywood. Our purchasing and marketing teams are synchronized so that we are able to make the right purchasing decision timely and correctly in terms of quality, grade and price for all of our valued customers.

Arrow Forest, LLC. is committed to providing the best service and quality in our industry from our top management down to our marketing, purchasing, inspectors and logistical specialists.

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